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Diamonds are wonderful gemstones. Everybody loves them, so there’s no wonder they are widely used in engagement rings and other jewelry pieces bearing a special signification. These gemstones aren’t cheap at all. As a matter of fact, their price may vary quite a lot. The quality of a diamond, and therefore its price, is influenced by four characteristics, also known as the 4Cs, which are the cut, the carat weight, the color and the clarity. Each of them is measured on a special scale, thus making direct comparisons easy.

What the Cut is about

Diamond Cut DetailsAnyway, this article aims to shed some light into the diamond cut property. Many people wrongly believe the cut is synonymous with the shape. Whenever they hear about a diamond that is is pear-shaped, oval, round or square, they think this refers to the cut. If you also make this mistake, you should keep on reading, as you are going to discover what a diamond’s cut really is. will also give you some pretty decent insights into the issue!

The cut is defined by a design guide used in the process of shaping a diamond for bringing it to its final shape. It includes multiple features such as the symmetry, the proportions and the angles between the facets of a gem. All these proportions have a direct influence on the brilliance and the scintillation of the diamond, thus being extremely important. A poorly cut stone is going to be less luminous, less brilliant, and also less expensive.

The difficult job of diamond cutters

Process of Diamond CuttingDiamond cutters have a very difficult job, as they have to decide upon the best shape and the cat of a stone. If they want a perfect cut, they might need to give up on the carat weight. The lower the carat weight, the smaller the gem. This is going to have an impact on its price, as the carat weight and the price are tightly correlated. Besides, there are various inclusions that impact the clarity. A smart cutter needs to make sure these impurities are positions in such a way that they don’t interfere with the light coming out from the diamond into the viewer’s eye.

As waste reduction is one of the main priorities, it’s easy to understand why not all gemstones can have an excellent cut. Nonetheless, the GIA scale consists of five such grades, ranging from Excellent to Poor. Diamonds featuring a Very Good or a Good cut grade appear perfect to the untrained eye. Sometimes, even Fair and Poor cut grade gems look very nice. This is how it comes that so many such diamond are sold every year. People who don’t know how to shop for diamonds are very easy to fool. Unfortunately, many of them pay way more than the fair price, so it’s always a good idea to inform yourself, in order to avoid becoming one of them.

Using today’s technology

Today’s technology has made it possible to obtain almost perfect diamonds much easier than it was a few decades ago. Thanks to precision lasers, it is possible to cut a diamond in such a way that the waste of material is minimized and the proportions between various dimensions and angles are respected. This process enables the creation of beautiful diamonds, with unequaled brilliance, fire and scintillation.

Diamond Cutting ToolsAs all these thee properties are influenced by the cut, it’s easy to understand its importance. It is always better to give up on a diamond’s carat weight than to compromise on the cut. A small stone with a Very Good cut grade could be more valuable than a bigger one with a Fair cut.

Each diamond shape has its own set of rules and proportions that define its cut grade. This is why you should first decide upon the shape of your diamond, and only after that proceed to gathering information on the various elements of the cut. Besides, you should probably consider hiring an expert to help you purchase your diamonds, especially if you want them for investment purposes.

An overpriced engagement ring isn’t as bad as a poor investment that’s going to bring you a much smaller profit than you expected when you purchased it. This is why trained graders are a must, if you want to get the best possible stones for your money.