Cutting of diamond is the practice of reformation of a diamond from a rough stone into a precious gem. Specialized knowledge, tools, equipment and techniques are required for this process. In 1375 in Nuremberg, Germany a group of members was associated in a team for diamond cutting and polishing called as diamond air are responsible for the achievements of different types of “cut”.Centenary_diamond_3498442b

It is history when once India was the only place where the diamond was produced until other countries started digging out mines to get this precious stone. But still today around the world in any jewelry showroom you will find 9 out of 10 diamond set which is polished and cut from India.  However, India supplies the finished product to the whole world.

Overall processing of diamond is concentrated in few cities around the world. Antwerp, Tel Aviv, and Dubai are the trade centers of the diamond industry. jkhThere are few processes of diamond cutting which are as below:

Retaining weight

The retention process of weight, analyze the roughage of diamond to procure the exact combination of the finished stones to get the value in per carat. With an octahedron (eight faces) crystal, preferably the intelligent round and square cuts are considered. Two stones are rottenly cut from one octahedron crystal. The crystals which don’t have proper shapes are used to give fancy cut i.e. except round and square.

Though techniques are modern to cut and polish a diamond crystal still cutters cannot deny the weight loss about 50%. So to avoid the dramatic loss the cutters compromise with the perfect shape and symmetry for weight preservation.

Preservation of color

Another crucial method is to retain the color of the stone. The diamonds which passes the 3 C test i.e. Cut, Color and Clarity are the finest ones and huvery expensive. The more transparency and shine the more demand a diamond typically has! The polishers have to give their best by using high end tools and equipment.

Minimizing the Turn Around Time

Diamond Cutting is a process which has to be planned well in advance using very sophisticated software! Pro-active plans for selling diamonds quickly are also a top priority. Cutting plans in advance will result in better cut diamonds which can sell for a higher premium.

There is one caveat though. Many diamond cutters will actually intentionally sacrifice the cut to gain more carat weight. Especially around the crucial points such as one carat, 1.5ct, 2ct etc. Be ware of that and check the exact proportions of each stone well in advance to really get the most out of it!

Cleaving process

The process which is used to dig out a finished gem from diamond rough pieces by separating into other pieces is known as cleaving. That is a difficult process that we will not get into more at this point though!


In the cutting process a tool named spinning axle is used to set the two diamonds turns in opposite directions so that they grind against one another to get the round shaped diamond.

Facts to be shared:

One of the developments that can be seen in women empowerment today is that more and more women begin working in diamond cutting professions. It used to be an entirely male centered profession in the past. It is amazing to know that a cluster of tribal women from the villages of Surat, Dang and Tapi districts have taken up this work. The world’s largest polishing and cutting center of diamond is in Surat(Gujarat). Watch the following video for more information:

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