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What Is A Domain?

Looking to build and create your own website? In order to run it successfully online, you need to choose a domain name that is vital for anyone who wants to rule the web development industry to niche his new website. Before you get ready to register for a domain, you need to acquire a strong know how about what is a domain? How it works and what are its different types in order to pick the best domain name to suit your business. For example, as everyone has an address likewise every domain has its physical address that is visible online on the World Wide Web. As the house address or GPS allows the individuals to trace the location of a particular house similarly, a domain navigates web browsers to land on the right website they are looking for, which is actually the face of your brand or website. Hence, the domain gives you access to perform all user functionalities through user credentials and authentication of shared system resources.

How does a domain work with web hosts?

As said above domain plays a vital role to make your business or website successful on the internet. A good domain name works as your brand’s first impression. Some of the popular domains include,,, and many more. Therefore when clicked on the domain name it helps visitors to find the right website in a faster manner with the help of search engines. Hence domains are easy to remember when written in short than the complicated IP addresses which need to be entered into the browser address bar to find the information needed.

When anyone is looking to access a domain name to build and create their own website this organization specifies them available names and extensions to the owner that are easy to use. This organization possesses a huge database and the DNS, domain name system, gives you access to the right website that has user-friendly domain name and stores all the website essentials at one place otherwise rent a hosting company that ensures high-quality with search engine ranking to search particular website online.

Different Types of Domains Available Online:

Now that you got an idea of what domain names are and how they work on the cloud, let’s get into detail to learn different types of domain names available in the server to register your name.

There are multiple types of extensions available in the server that meets true to your website content. Basically, there are five different types of domains available let’s check them in detail below:

  • Top-Level Domains

They are always on the top of the internet hierarchy with respect to domain names which are commonly referred to as TLDs. However, there are over thousands of different TLDs that ICANN opened in recent years. The TLDs that are currently available to register your domain name are: .com, .info, .website, .net, .org, .co, .site, .online, .host, .me, .club and a few more.

  • Country Code Top Level Domains

They are actually technically associated with different countries and every country has its own country code top-level domains (ccTLD). For example, if the website or company belongs to Colombia then the domain extension is visible as .co, for Japan it is .jp, for the US it will be .us and so on linked according to the country.

  • Generic Top-Level Domains

Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are just a variation of TLD. The generic domain refers to the types of use-cases used to design a domain name for example; there are few educational institutions that are accessible with .edu and .org that is actually a nonprofit organization. Anyone can easily access this domain to register even if they don’t furnish proper details, but the website content needs to fit exactly to the requirements.

  • Second-Level Domains

Though they are known as second-level TLDs they are a bit low in the hierarchy. But that doesn’t mean they are not valuable or authorized. Thus the second-level domain names are linked with country codes that appear as: companies functional in United Kingdom government agencies in the United Kingdom –for government agencies in Australia

  • Third Level Domains

Third level domains come after second-level domains and listed below in the hierarchy. They aren’t a full domain name in and of themselves, but merely a portion of a domain name. You can also access the subdomain to build an additional part of your site which will be known as a third-level domain. Leverage these types of the domain to add one more blog to your website, build and create a resource section, host an app, or access it to create an online store.

Tips to Choose Right Type of Domain Name:

Now that you got an idea about different types of domain names available in the web industry, let’s check how you can choose the best domain name that meets your specific needs with the right kind of extension when looking to create your own website or blog.

Here’s how you can choose the right domain name with extension:

  1. From the wide varieties of domain name extensions available to choose from make sure your chosen domain and extension cater to different types of websites. It should align with your topic and help you meet your website goals.
  2. The one who is looking for TLDs which are commonly used domains then you have got a plethora of options to deep dive. It is ideal to choose a unique extension and go for something that is common like .com, .org, .net, etc. However, if you are willing to pick the extensions choose something different which will migrate your website to a new extension in order to maintain your existing audience.
  3. As said there is a variety of domains the most common is .com that is widely accepted and easy to register. Once you had established your website domain later forward all your extensions to your primary domain which is easy to manage and helps your dream come true. Access the list of potential options to stay ahead of your competitors.


Are you ready to choose a domain? I hope the above information is true to satisfy all your domain requirements. It is a fact that choosing the right kind of domain is highly essential as it is the face of your website and helps build your brand around. Domains not only improve your chances of success but its extensions also keep you going to complete your project altogether to get accessible online!